We believe that the use of modern technology is a key factor for sustainable trade. Therefore, we focus on a new way of collaborating along the entire value chain leaning on digital solutions.

Our direct trade relationships allow us to improve the livelihoods of farmers. With our data driven participation in the coffee value chain, we are able to identify new opportunities to reconcile the interest of our supplier and buyer communities.

Our business relationships are founded on principles to protect the environment, ensure social justice and minimize economic risks in our supply chain. That is why we take a truly holistic approach to ensure that we trade coffee in a responsible and ethical way.

We are committed to enhancing our suppliers’ and buyers’ satisfaction by delivering quality and services that consistently conform to or exceed expectations. We strive to continuously improve our performance through innovation and technological excellence.

When our suppliers and customers thrive, so do we.
We will put all our effort behind our primary goal:
to become your top-of-mind and top-of-heart choice.

Cost Efficiency

We offer fair prices for certified green coffee and the required logistic services


We openly inform our customers about our products, suppliers, terms of delivery and associated costs.


We inform our suppliers and our customers about each other and will share our knowledge with them and fulfill their mutual expectations.


We keep promises and have an interest in long-lasting and successful relationships with our customers and suppliers

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