Our Mission

Source and deliver sustainable, fair
trade green coffee using digital
tools to gain competitive advantages
to benefit our suppliers and customers

At Prospera Coffee Trading, we are convinced that our business model must be centered on independant farmers who produce quality coffee. The coffee farming community must be the focus of our actions that combine our suppliers and customers.

Recognition of the farmers´ efforts lead to respect and fair treatment. We therefore focus on sustainable and fair trade relationships with our suppliers and buyers.

We are a company of coffee enthusiasts

Our Story begins in 1975

In November 2017 a group of coffee enthusiasts, founded Prospera Coffee Trading GmbH to break new ground in the coffee trade.

Although we are a young company, our team members bring years od experince from different sectors of the coffee business.

We firmly believe that our combination of experience and expertise will create new and innovative ways on how to do business in the coffee world such that it focuses on transparency and sustainability.

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